Testimonials of Sandra Kazan's Speech Coaching

Sandy is a caring and knowledgeable teacher who has helped transform the way I communicate – and think about communication – both in and out of the courtroom. Sandy has taught me how to steady my nerves for big performances, and her deep insights have enabled me to become a more dynamic speaker. In short, Sandy is an excellent and empowering speech coach, and I will always be grateful to her."

Cyrus Joubin
Attorney at Law

The exercises worked. I was so calm. Relaxed. I actually felt great. First time I wasn’t super nervous.Thank you! I think I did a really good job. Your help made a huge difference!

Executive Vice President
Managing Director of Sales and Business Development
Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales, LLC

After just one intensive session of coaching with Sandra before I gave a talk for an audience of creative people and academics, the suggestions and exercises she gave me were a revelation: I overcame my nervousness and delivered the talk with a degree of confidence I’d never before experienced. People came up to me afterwards to compliment me, thanking me for making my points so clearly and persuasively. And I thank Sandra for enabling me to do so!

Robert Vas Dias, Writer
www. robertvasdias.com

Sandra, My speech was amazing! I did great! Thank you so much! You helped me tremendously with getting over the fear of talking and embarrassing myself. I was a more confident person than before.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Founder & Director of Private School

Sandra has been an excellent coach. She is a specialist of high level with a very comprehensive, thorough, and diligent approach. She has also been a very fine, attentive, and sweet person. Definitely a rare find in NYC where everybody is consumed with themselves.

Tair A.
Vice President, Credit Suisse

Thank you so much for your guidance and support...my communication skills have really benefitted from your feedback. I will be keeping your voice and advice in mind going forward.

Foundation Program Officer

Sandra Kazan... is simply the best public speaking coach I know.

Lucy Siegel
Executive Vice President, Bridge Global Strategies, a Didit company

Sandy is an excellent coach and I enjoyed working with her. Her expertise and guidance have been very helpful and I greatly benefited from her coaching.

Bayer HealthCare Executive

Sandra was a huge help to me as I prepared for academic presentations and radio appearances. I was amazed how much better my voice sounded after just a few sessions... Additionally, Sandy's manner and techniques made the experience fun. I unequivocally recommend Sandra!!

Amy Rosenberg, LCSW

You are a highly gifted coach and a tremendous encourager. I now have a significantly greater level of confidence and I am amazed at the level of improvement I continue to see each time I speak. The techniques and exercises you taught me are extremely helpful.

Anthony Franklin
Pastor Christ Church U.S.A.

I did two events this month and was congratulated for my ability to remain cool, calm, and collected in front of an audience. The event was a hit. I was told I presented the information with impact which captivated my audience. Thanks for your help. Your guidance was instrumental in a successful outcome.

Eric A. Gang, Esq.
Gang & Associates, LLC

Sandy heightened my vocal awareness in only six sessions, enabling me to use my voice to its fullest potential. I had a wonderful time learning with her!"-Laura K., Google
Sandy heightened my vocal awareness in only six sessions, enabling me to use my voice to its fullest potential. I had a wonderful time learning with her!

~ Laura K., Google

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn from you. You opened a hidden door for me.

Terry ~ New Jersey

I owe my poise and ability to speak in front of a large audience to you.

Ellen Sinreich
LEED AP EnSolutions Real Estate, LLC

Words can't begin to describe the gratitude that I have for Sandra and the work she does. I've struggled my whole life with a voice that was very soft and was tired of people saying that they couldn't hear me. I had always thought that was just the way things were and that nothing could be done about it. Finally at age 27 I got up the courage to call Sandra. I was immediately put at ease by her warm, professional manner and her understanding of what I was going through. We went to work immediately and she taught me the basics, showing me how I was breathing incorrectly and not using my core. We did floor exercises and a bit of yoga to help me find my optimal pitch. By our second session, I was already well on my way to having the stronger and more resonant voice I had always wanted. I learned techniques that I can use every day to sustain my clearer, richer tone. I'm so glad that I decided not to settle for a voice that I didn't love, and am thankful to Sandra for giving me the tools to find the voice I've always envisioned for myself.

Brandon Pace

...You are a natural teacher... Thank you for helping me bring my skills to a new level...

Vivian V. Eyre
Eyre & Associates

When I am on the pulpit, I always find myself channeling your teachings - I hear your voice telling me to unlock my knees, to breathe, to firm up my articulation. Your valuable pointers on preaching and insights on sermons have all been a great help...

Rabbi Janet Roberts
Central Synagogue, New York City

Finding Sandra was like striking gold. She is the only voice coach who actually did help me reduce my Scandinavian accent and managed to do so in a shockingly short time, but what's more, she helped me take my career as a TV and video talking head and host to a whole other level. With Sandra, I mastered a "barely there" accent, developed my voice quality, and, as we videotaped our classes, learnt how to truly shine on camera, no matter what my topic - not to mention that I had so much fun working with her, I never wanted our classes to end! I use the techniques I learnt from Sandra daily and I also have her on speed dial, as I now never start a new gig without coaching with her first!

Annabella Ã…svik ~ www.annabella.tv

Excited but nervous about the upcoming event to introduce the press to my new book 'Designers Here and There: Inside the City and Country Homes of America's Top Decorators' I turned to Sandy for guidance. She gave me excellent exercises to alleviate my jitters and enhance my delivery, and filmed me so that I could improve my presentation. I'd recommend her to anyone anytime!

Michele Keith ~ www.MicheleKeithWrites.biz

You are a fabulous perceptive teacher...I'm truly grateful for your patience and kindness..I recommend your classes 100 percent.

Marcelle Gover

I am so grateful for our sessions together. You have taught me so much and it was a genuine privilege to meet such a talented and caring person as yourself. Anyone who works with you and gets to meet you is very lucky.

Christine Huang

The skills you taught me continue to inform my rabbinate to the great benefit of my listeners.

Rabbi Marc Disick
Temple Sinai of Stamford, Connecticut

Thank you so much for all your incredible guidance. I would not have had the skill or confidence without your assistance.

Dr. Marni Rosner


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