How Sandra Kazan can Help with Voice and Speech Issues or Accent Reduction

She Can! If you want to...

  • Stop being a nervous wreck before making a speech or presentation
  • Reduce your accent so people can understand you
  • Stop abusing your voice
  • Breathe to make your voice and speech more alive and expressive
  • Relax and release tension
  • Prepare your text to free you from the page to truly connect with your audience
  • Communicate with clarity, ease, and confidence

Have you gotten your body into shape and neglected your voice?

The human voice, like your body and spirit, can be transformed, energized, and rejuvenated.

  • With a voice-and–speech program to improve your vocal variety, range, and body language.
  • With simple exercises and techniques to free your voice and speak clearly.
  • With video feedback that helps you break old habits and distracting mannerisms.


They are all connected!

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